32oz Pearl White Salad Bowl

€102.62 ( Ex. Vat: €83.43 )

Introducing our Pearl White Food Bowl, the epitome of eco-friendly elegance in sustainable takeaway packaging. Crafted with care, this 32oz bowl not only holds your delicious creations but also carrries a commitment to sustainability.

The Pearl White design exudes sophistication, making it perfect for any culinary creations, whether it's a vibrant salad, a hearty grain bowl, or a savoury noodle dish. At 32oz, its spacious enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

But what truely sets it apart is it's eco-friendly construction. Made from entirely compostable materials, it embodies our dedication to reducing environmental impact without compromising on quality or style. So, indulge in your favourite meals guilt-free, knowing you are making a choice that's both delicious and environmentally responsible.

Sold as case of 300.

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