Pearl White Salad Bowl Lid 185mm

€105.72 ( Ex. Vat: €85.95 )

Introducing the perfect companion to our Pearl White Sustainable Food Bowl: the compostable paper lid. Designed to seal in the freshness and flavour while upholding our commitment to sustainability, this lid is a gam changer for the food industry.

Crafted from durable yet eco-friendly paper materials, this lid provides a snug fit for our 26oz & 32oz bowls, ensuring your culinary creations stay secure during transport. It's sleek design complements the elegance of the bowl, adding a touch of sophistication to any takeaway meal.

But what truely makes this lid special is it's eco-friendly composition. Fully compostable, it aligns perfectly with our mission to reduce waste. So, whether you're serving up a piping hot curry or a refreshing salad, do it with confidence, knowing you're making a cjoice that's both practical and environmentally responsible.

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